Restaurant Shift Scheduling

RestaurantScheduler is a shift scheduling software that automates scheduling, shift trading, and solves communication problems related to managing busy restaurants. It improves the customer dining experience by providing consistent service.

RestaurantScheduler is simple to use. It is affordable. Value pricing, a 30-Day Free Trial, and Money-Back Guarantee assure the right decision with no downside. Contact us for a free consultation and trial to see if this is a solution for you.

Shift Scheduling Benefits

Reduces shift scheduling and shift trading time

Keep managers on the floor rather than making, changing, and communicating schedules.

“I was hesitant when we first looked into RestaurantScheduler. Having to learn a new system seemed like a lot of work, but by the second week the time it took make the schedule went from over 3 hours to less than 30 minutes. Now I can’t imagine running the restaurant without it.” -- Restaurant Manager, New York NY

“RestaurantScheduler is awesome! Not only have you guys saved me so much time scheduling the restaurant, but my employees love how easy it is to trade shifts. And I love how little time I spend managing it.” -- Tony, Austin TX

Developed by a former restaurant scheduling manager

Because RestaurantScheduler was developed by a waiter, bartender, and scheduling manager, it contains a simple algorithm that tracks availability, shifts, and reasonable shift trades. Every feature is geared towards restaurant management, employees, and customers.

Generates a schedule that efficiently utilizes your staff

You no longer have to rely on scheduling software that tends to schedule employees on the same days and times. RestaurantScheduler creates schedules that best utilizes staff based on availability and restaurant shifts.

Pricing is Scalable to your restaurant

RestaurantScheduler’s affordable and scalable pricing makes it perfect for a 20 person cafe, 75 employee restaurant, or a 121 restaurant franchise. RestaurantScheduler saves time and money, no matter what size your restaurant is.

Tentative approval gives you flexibility without risk

To date, RestaurantScheduler is the only software that gives managers the option of tentatively accepting time-off requests. When a scheduling manager accepts a tentative request for time off, RestaurantScheduler only schedules the asking employee if there is no other acceptable employee available to work that shift. This tentative approval makes sure you have the coverage you need, while considering employee availability, requests for time off, and how often employees can work.

Easy navigation makes management efficient on Day 1

Unlimited templates, a set-up wizard, easy navigation, and drag-and-drop features makes scheduling fast and easy. With drag-and-drop functionality, simply select the employees you want to schedule and drop them into the shifts of your choice. RestaurantScheduler is a pleasure to use.

Risk-Free Satisfaction

Free trial, No contracts, Satisfaction guarantee. You need the best quality shift scheduling service at the lowest price with no risk. We offer a lengthy free trial, no contracts, and a money-back, 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Shift scheduling upgrades are free and automatically installed

RestaurantScheduler does not add costs for additional features and upgrades.

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